2015 Thunderbird Storm




98PS / 97bhp / 72kW @ 5200rpm


156Nm / 115ft. lbs @ 2950rpm


27.5 in.


5.8 U.S. gals.


Liquidcooled,DOHC, Paralleltwin,270º firing interval




  • Matte Graphite
  • Jet Black



Less chrome, more power and more attitude. The Thunderbird Storm comes with a 1700cc engine and hard­edged style.
Based on our original Thunderbird, the Storm keeps the pure Triumph twinned headlights but adds a low, blacked out look that’s mean and minimalist for massive street presence backed up by huge torque and confident handling. We squeezed 102cc more from the muscle­bound parallel twin engine so that it packs an even bigger punch. Still laid­back but underpinned by serious power and the best handling in the class. This is a cruiser with a dark side. 

We took the 1597cc parallel twin from the Thunderbird and boosted its capacity to 1699cc with 3.3mm bigger pistons in huge, 107.1mm bores. So the Thunderbird Storm does have a classic­looking engine that packs a mighty punch, but that power is delivered smoothly thanks to twin balance shafts.
The result of the Thunderbird Storm’s bigger engine is more power at 98PS. And an even higher peak torque at 115lb.ft right down at 2,950rpm with more torque across the rev range. So it delivers instant thrust when you twist the throttle, even at very low rpm.

Despite the air­cooled appearance, the Thunderbird Storm engine is liquid­cooled. We placed its radiator unobtrusively between the frame downtubes and the fat, twin exhaust headers.
And there’s plenty more 21st century technology tucked away too, like our highly accurate sequential fuel injection system with its progressive throttle linkage so you get power predictably and smoothly.
We added double overhead camshafts and a crankshaft with 270 degree firing intervals, to give you an engine with authentic cruiser character. Whilst the fuelling is looked after by a sequential fuel injection system and progressive throttle linkage so your engine delivers its torque exactly the way you expect.

Blacked Out
The Thunderbird Storm has a big black engine with upright cylinders and machined cooling fin edges to help define its imposing shape.
Many other parts of the Thunderbird Storm are black. Including the rear springs and headlight bowls.

Belt Drive
The final drive is an inverted tooth belt with carbon fibre strands to give it a higher tensile strength than steel. While the pulleys have a patented ultra­hard coating that minimises wear so that the whole belt drive system needs very little attention. It’s really quiet and clean too.

6 Speed Gear Box
The transmission uses a six­speed gearbox with a tall top ratio for relaxed highway cruising and exceptional fuel efficiency. 

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