New 2015 Triumph Motorcycles



Looking for adventure? Then look no further than Triumph’s range of Adventure bikes.

You never know where you’ll go or what you’ll come across on a Triumph Adventure bike. That’s why we have engineered them to cope so when you ride way out, you and your Triumph work as one, conquering  miles, varied terrain and obstacles in your path. Because we know it’s not just about where you can go, it’s how you get there. Wherever ‘there’ ends up being.


Triumph Roadsters.

The approach to our roadsters is simple. If it doesn’t enhance the power, handling, feel or sound of the bike it doesn’t go on it . If it does, it goes on the bike in precisely the right place. As a result they have a look that’s muscular, hunched forward, mean and aggressive. Because that’s what they are. Unadulterated, focussed, engaging sports bikes for the street.